About 1530 Real Estate

In Amsterdam, 1530 was the year in which the real estate consultancy has made its first step towards adulthood. From that time brokers and consultants were obliged to report to the mayor to have their competence and reliability be assessed.

Partly because of that 1530 Real Estate is the name of the real estate agency founded in Amsterdam that is run by five dedicated, professional and above all skilled partners: Paco Landzaat, Martijn Smits, Sander van Winterswijk, Paul Becks and Bas Geijtenbeek. Together they form an enthusiastic multidisciplinary team, which is committed to deliver the highest quality in its services and is characterized by entrepreneurship and dedication.

1530 Real Estate stands for establishing long-term relationships and progressive approaches. Working in a tight entrepreneurial team, with no organizational layers and wide adaptability, 1530 Real Estate differentiates itself from its competitors. The dynamics in the market often require an up to date, and always professional approach, whereto 1530 Real Estate can adapt with its broad knowledge and flexible nature. 1530 Real Estate is based in Amsterdam and is a no-nonsense, personal and transparent way of working.

1530 Real Estate provides customized services to its clients in the field of tenant representation and leasing processes, purchase and sale processes, investments and consultancy. Click here to get in touch with us.

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